BX-W2 Control Board

Wireless Load Management

The BX-W2 control board is a combination of multiple load shedding funtions combined into a single device. The V2 board controls 100 or 200 amp latching relays. The relays can be controlled by DRY-Contact capable of emulating NO or NC devices. The V2 board also includes WIRELESS LOAD LOCK-OUT & WIRELESS UNDER-FREQUENCY LOAD MANAGEMENT for use with any air cooled and many liquid cooled generators.


• Generator load lock-out

• Under frequency load management

• Priority settings 1-4

• Dry contact in-put

• Utilizes Magnetic Latching Relays, eliminating the normal humming, chattering and heat associated with contactors

• Available in NEMA 3R enclosures and Stainless Steel

• 5 year warranty on Magnetic Latching Relays