Heating systems for Residential and Commercial applications

Temperature Sensing Duct Heaters

We offer a complete line of electric duct heaters with various physical sizes and KW/Btu/h outputs. WarmFlo® technology with an additional temperature sensor option, means that if no heat is needed the element is off or modulated accordingly.

Heat Pump Boiler for Residential Applications

With the Heat Pump Boiler the outside air energy is converted to hot water and as a bonus the system is 332% efficient. We provide an integrated air to water heat pump providing -20° F to 70° F comfort for radiant floor applications.

Single Phase or 3-Phase Electric Boilers

These Electric boilers feature affordable hydronic warm floor in lower levels, bathrooms, kitchen areas, and heat for remaining part of house. The hydronic system offers installation and first-time cost much lower than gas boiling systems.

Three-phase electric plenum heaters

The WarmFlo® Electric Plenum Heater enhances heating system comfort, performance, and efficiency. Dual energy selector makes switching energy types as easy as a “flip of the switch”. The All-inclusive controls make installation/setup easy.