60 AMP Wireless Generator Load Drop & Load Manage Relay

120/240 Volt 60 Amp Latching Mechanically Held Double Pole Relay

The SAK-60 is a 60 amp Micro Processor Controlled two-pole latching mechanically held relay with built in functionality to lock out or manage loads on generator, protect from over-voltage / under-voltage and brownouts. The SAK-60 can also work as conventional relay with dry contact inputs with adjustable on-time delay.

The device is built around latching relays that are toggled on and off by a short pulse of energy to open and close the contacts. The relay incorporates SRT® (Smart Relay Technology) to control switching at the zero cross over point of the sine-wave for reliability and maximum life expectancy of the contacts.

The SAK-60 is self-powered by 120 VAC (Line-Neutral) or 120/240 VAC (L1 + L2 NO Neutral) line input voltage eliminating the need for a secondary power source normally required to power the coil of conventional contactor or relay.

• Proprietary, adaptable generator detection and under frequency circuitry
for precision WIRELESS Load Dropping and Load Management
• Adjustable startup delay and under frequency restoration timers
allows an unlimited number of load shedding devices to be used.
• Precision under frequency load shedding adjustments from 50.0 to
60.0 Hz for frequency and from 00.1 to 10.0 seconds delay before load
• Installs In-Line with 120 or 240 AC volt connected load. Relay is self
powered from Line IN voltage, No external power supply needed.
Switches at zero cross over point for maximum life expectancy of relay
• Can be installed as a standalone hardwired 60 amp latching relay with
dry-contact control inputs. Works with NO or NC input control.
• Can be installed as a 60 Amp Time Delay Relay up to 9999 seconds
• Can be used as a 60 amp Over / Under voltage protection relay with
brownout and short cycle protection
• Universal Din-Rail Mount Receiver
• No computer or programming tool required, all adjustments are
performed in minutes with three buttons using the LCD display.
• Compact size only 3.25 X 4.75” Snap on finger guards for wiring accepts
wire size up to a 2 AWG.
• Two year product warranty from date of installation.

Order Part# SAK-60 for standalone device with DIN Rail Mount

Order Part#SAK-60C for SAK-60 installed in NEMA 3R Enclosure