Hurricane 2000 Series

100,000 Surge Amp Capacity Single and 3 Phase Surge Protection


Main panel,  Sub Panel & Point of use  Applications Up to 200 KAIC  fault current rating. Status LED’s with audible alarm. 100,000 surge Amps available in all single and three phase.  Nema 06 enclosure.


  • Imax 100 kA 8/20 μs
  • UL 1449 4th Edition Type 1 Listed Common mode suppression
  • Thermally fused metal oxide varistor (MOV) suppression within series Gas-Tube technology for maximum surge protection and zero leakage
  • Light-emitting diode’s (LED) visual protection status indicator
  • Audible Alarm protection status indicator
  • Real-time diagnostics include a LED per phase and audible alarm
  • Available in maximum surge current capacity of 100,000 surge amps
  • Indoor/Outdoor IP66 NEMA 6 rated enclosure (NEMA 6 exceeds NEMA 4 or 4X)
  • In 20 kA (All models) SCCR 200 kA (All models)
  • Meets requirements of UL 96A Lighting Protection Master Label
  • Available in a variety of voltages ranging from 120 to 600

Product Diagram