Surge Protection for Any Application

Vortexx Series A

The new Vortexx “Series A” devices are designed and built to combine excellent performance, a space saving and flexible design and serious cost efficiency. Available in single phase (L-N-G) configurations of 120VAC, 240-277VAC and 480VAC the u

Hurricane 1000 Series

H1-75-04N All Mode Protection with LED Diagnostics. This compact SPD is small enough to fit inside electrical fixtures and is  suitable for any small outdoor equipment usage.  Optional mounting bracket included.


Hurricane 2000 Series

Main panel,  Sub Panel & Point of use  Applications Up to 200 KAIC  fault current rating. Status LED’s with audible alarm. 100,000 surge Amps available in all single and three phase.  Nema 06 enclosure.

Hurricane 3000 Series

The Hurricane 3000 Series provides a 200,000 KAIC fault current rating making it suitable for installation at the main service entrance and branch panels. This series is available in 100 kA, 2

Hurricane 4000 Series

The Hurricane 4000 Series is a high-performance UL 1449 Listed Type 1 SPD designed for critical panels located in the harshest environments. The Hurricane 4000 Series is available for all single & three phase configurations up to 600Vac and

Hurricane 5000 Modular Series

The Hurricane 5000 Modular Series  is the culmination of years of technological research and innovation. This Series provides state of the art protection from

Typhoon 2000 series

The T1SP160-04-N is designed to be the first line of defense against damaging electrical surges and spikes originating from utility power lines. The

Typhoon 3000 series

Economical and robust surge protection available in 7 mode device. These are UL 1449 4th Edition and include UL 1283 listing. 20 KaI with surge ratings from 150,000 to 200,000 surge amp capacity. We challenge you to find a better device in this c

Typhoon 4000 series

The PSP Vortexx AMV Series features All-Mode AC surge suppression solutions with sine wave tracking circuitry for EMI/RFI filtering. Available in a variety of service voltage configurations, the AMV Series is the ideal choice when applications

AC and DC Din-Rail Surge Protectors

Equipment level protection for AC/DC power circuits,  network cable, data and low voltage applications. With a minimal investment, you can protect your sensitive control equipment or your entire facility from surge events.