Single Phase 100 Amp Hardwire Latching Relay

1-Phase 100A Latching Relay

1-Phase 200A Latching Relay

1-Phase 200A Latching Relay

BX Series

Universal Magnetic Latching Load Shed Relay
  • Wireless or dry contact under frequency load management (air-cooled generators only)
  • Universal load managing relays work with ANY generator transfer switch or control circuit to quickly
    lock out or manage loads up to 200A
  • Wireless option includes priority time delay of 3–6 minutes for up to 4 loads
  • Utilizes magnetic latching relays, eliminating the normal humming, chattering and heat associated with contactors
  • Available as a 100A or 200A 1-phase, or 100A or 200A (wired controller only) 3-phase
  • UL listed 508 control panel, UL listed to US and Canadian safety standards
  • 2 year controller warranty
  • 5 year warranty on magnetic latching relays

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