SAK-24 Low Voltage Wireless Generator Load Drop

SAK-24 Wireless Load Management Introduction and Programming


Low Voltage Wireless Generator Load Drop

The SAK-24 provides a wireless solution to control loads of both normally open and normally closed devices with a dual form “C” dry contact. The contacts are rated for up to 5A and 250 VAC to control a broad range of applications. The SAK-24 is powered by 24 VAC that can be derived from anywhere within the electrical system. A connection or control wire back to the generator or transfer switch is not required.

When a power outage occurs, and power is restored, the SAK-24 will energize the relays and begin to analyze the AC power from the input. When utility power is detected the SAK-24 will de-energize the relay after 2–5 minutes and enter into a sleep mode until the next outage occurs. When generator voltage is detected the relay will remain energized and the SAK-24 will continue to monitor the AC line waveform. When utility power returns, the load will be restored after 2–5 minutes and the SAK-24 will enter sleep mode until a power outage occurs.

  • NO/NC dry-contact control input
  • Wireless technology drops load when generator power is detected
  • No control wires needed from the transfer switch
  • Can be installed anywhere in the electrical system that is 24 VAC accessible
  • 2 control dry contacts
  • Mounting flanges for surface mount installation
  • Time delay “on” function
  • User adjustable startup delay and under frequency restoration timers provide an unlimited number of devices with custom priority settings
  • Adjustable frequency drop out settings and delay times for under frequency detection
  • Precision adjustments from 50.0 to 59.9 Hz for frequency and from 00.1 to 10.9 seconds delay before load shedding
  • Overload detection locks out connected device for an adjustable period of time whenever the restored load overloads a generator
  • Switches at zero cross over point for maximum life expectancy
  • All adjustments are performed in minutes with three buttons using the LCD display
  • Compact size
  • 2 year warranty

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