Low Voltage Wireless Generator Load Drop

Dual Form “C” N/O -N/C Dry Contacts

NEW Product

The GLD-24 provides a wireless solution to control loads with a Dual Form “C” Dry Contact allowing control of both
Normally Open and Normally Closed devices. The contacts are rated for up to 5 amps and 250 volts AC to control a
broad range of applications. The GLD-24 is powered by 24 volts AC that can be derived from anywhere within the
electrical systems. A connection or control wire back to the generator or transfer switch is not required.

When a power outage occurs, and power is restored, the GLD-24 will energize the relays and begin to analyze the AC
power from the input. When utility power is detected the GLD-24 will de energize the relay after 2-5 minutes and enter
into a sleep mode until the next outage occurs. When generator voltage is detected the relay will remain energized and
the GLD-24 will continue to monitor the AC line waveform. When utility power returns the load will be restored after
2-5 minutes and the GLD-24 will enter sleep mode until a power outage occurs.

• Wireless Technology drops load when generator
• No control wires needed from the transfer switch
• Can be installed anywhere in the electrical system.
• 2- form “C” N/O and N/C control dry contacts
• Mounting flanges for surface mount installation
• Quick connect terminal blocks
• 2 Year Warranty