Build your surge protector with high quality components by PSP

Type 1CA UL1449 4th Edition TFMOV

Components feature patented internal thermal fusing design with dry contacts for remote monitoring or internal diagnostic functionality. 50,000 Imax and 20 kA In UL Listed Type 1CA. Available in 20mm & 40mm Thermally Fused MOV configurations.

Thermal Fuse Metal Oxide Varistor TFMOV

This unique patented component is designed to fit into any surge protector. Its compact size allows you to save space. It offers an optional remote signal function and features an enclosed space of thermal protection, safe and reliable.

Multiple Protection MOV

This component offers Over Voltage and Over Current Protection for your surge devices. The components must be operating in specific conditions, such as: -40o  C up to +85o C and with a RH≤95%. The rated current is: 0.65 A

Metal Oxide Varistor MOV

Epoxy coated MOV’s are available from 7 to 20mm in a broad range or operating voltages ranging from 14 Vac to 750 Vac. MOV is designed to protect electronic devices and semiconductor elements from switching and induced lightning surges.