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Isolation transformers

An Isolation Transformer is used to transfer electrical power from AC power to the equipment. 75Va / 180Va / 240Va models available. 15 Amp receptacle and 5 foot input cord with 15 Amp plug.

VA4B200-01SFHW Surge Protector

277 / 480 Volt, 200,000 Surge Amp, surge counter, dry contacts, audible alarm with silence button, in a NEMA 1 flush mount can with flush mount cover. Surge Protection Products limit the voltage supplied to a device.

TBF15-TBF20 Power Filter/Surge Protectors

15 Amp receptacle with 5 foot input cord and 15 Amp plug. Transformer based technology for power filtering and MOV for surge protection. An SPD limits the voltage supplied to a device.

MA1IMA12 Surge Protection Module

120 Volt, 120 kA surge Amps, 10 kA In, 200 kA, SCCR, module. The device has multi-stage suppression circuits consisting of field-proven, fast-acting metal oxide varistors (MOVs).

LSS-277/480-3Y LEA Surge Protector

277/480 Volt Surge Protector. 150,000 Surge Amp capacity. Nipple product in a NEMA 4X enclosure.  The LSS-277/480-3Y LEA SPD is a compact modular device designed to be installed quickly and serviced easily to eliminate downtime.

IBP277/480Y Surge Protector

277 / 480 Volt modular surge protector with diagnostic lights, audible alarm with disable button, in a NEMA 1 can. A high performance surge suppression device designed to protect branch panels and extremely critical loads in any environment.

DinRail Surge Protection

The RO-80 comes in two pole 120 Volt and two pole 277 Volt. Surge capacity is 20,000 Surge Amps. DinRail mounted. The DU40S-120V / 230V / 400V single pole is 40,000 surge Amps and DinRail mountable.

MBM277 Module

The MBM 277/120V Surge Suppressor is a TVSS typically installed in the main panel to protect against transients and surges. We have both 277 Volt and 120 Volt modules for the MBM line master panels. Made by EFI Electronics.

16DT120 Surge Protector

These devices are 120 Volt two pole 16,000 Surge Amp capacity DinRail mountable made by EFI Electronics. The Titan 16DT120 provides high-quality surge protection for DIN Rail mounting inside electronic equipment cabinets.

TVS2EMA12A Surge Protector

Modular parallel transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). 120/208 Volt modular with surge counter LED lights, dry contacts, push-to-test diagnostics, In 20kA, SCCR 200 kA, 120,000 Surge Amps, in a NEMA 1 can. Made by Square D.

MSB10-400 Surge Protector

Surface mount 277 Volt, 10,000 surge Amp capacity, two pole, for LED lighting. Made by CITEL. The MSB10 is a general duty AC Surge Protection Device (SPD) for high risk electrical and electronic applications.

VO4V200D Module

Replaceable module, 277 / 480 Volt, SCCR rating 10 kA, 200,000 surge Amp capacity. This Surge Protector limits the voltage supplied to a device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

PVR-1200 Voltage Regulator

1200 Va, 120 Volt tab switching voltage regulator made by Perma Power. The device features 6 foot cord and 6 output receptacles. We also offer 600 Va voltage regulators with 2 AC outlets and 6 foot cord.

Zone Defender Pro

120 / 240 Volt, single phase, nipple product surge protector, 80,000 surge Amps per phase in a NEMA 1 housing. State-of-the-art circuitry protects equipment from high frequency noise, damaging electrical transients, electric surges and spikes.

V-02IM Module

120 Volt on module for the M panels made by EFI Electronics. A Surge Protector limits the voltage supplied to a device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

Plug-in Surge Protection Kit

3 piece kit with (one) 8 outlet strip with 2 coaxial cable connections and 2 phone line connections and 6 foot cord, (one) wall mount 2 AC outlet and phone line protection and (one) single AC cube.

P1500PPR Satellite Surge Protector

C-Ban satellite surge protector with 3 AC outlets, 3 sets of coaxial cables and 10 screw terminals for actuator and rotor.

30 Amp Copier Surge Protector

125 / 240 Volt surge protector with NEMA 1430 receptacle and NEMA 1430 plug with 3 foot cord. The unit has high-end EMI/RFI filtering and line conditioning.

M80-277Y-X Surge Protector

Nipple product, 277 / 480 Voltage, 80,000 Surge Amp capacity in a NEMA 4X enclosure.

M18-120 Surge Protection Device

120 Volt / 240 Volt nipple product. 36,000 Surge suppression Amps, TYPE 1 SPD, NEMA 4X enclosure.