load shedding options for generator dealers

Within the realm of generator installations, it’s widely acknowledged among installers that a one-size-fits-all approach is impractical. Each backup generator installation is unique, shaped by the specific desires and expectations customers may or may not communicate. In conversations with numerous dealers, a prevailing belief emerges that installing a generator capable of powering an entire house is the only viable approach. However, this raises two crucial questions. Firstly, does every quoted generator get sold? If not, is it possible that another dealer, adept at discerning the customer’s actual needs, secured the sale by proposing a smaller generator with a sub-panel or employing load shedding applications?

On numerous occasions, I’ve heard salespeople claim they base their quotes solely on the load requirements. From my experience, I can assert that such an approach leaves substantial untapped revenue on the table. If this mirrors your current selling strategy, there’s a significant opportunity to scale your business by adapting your selling and installation methods to align more closely with the nuanced desires and genuine needs of your customers.