PSP Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of defense for home surge protection. Our surge protectors help protect your home against power surges. From our Type 1 service entrance rated surge protection to our low voltage networking and communication surge protection, PSP Products has you covered.

Why whole home surge protection?

Surge Protection Illustration
In today’s Digital/LED world, everything in the home has complex circuitry and LED lights. These items are far more sensitive to everyday transients from the utility company. While extreme weather can cause serious power outage issues, other more common factors cause voltage surges or transients. These transients cause electronic rust to eat away and cause premature failure. You are much more likely to have a failure due to transients than from a lightning strike or other catastrophic event. Our quality, high-end, hybrid design surge protection can stop transients and increase the life of household electronic devices and appliances.

GDT/TPMOV Hybrid Surge Protection Devices

All of our residential surge protectors feature Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)/Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor (TPMOV) technology. GDT/TPMOV hybrid Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) have many advantages over TPMOV only designs. In addition to increased safety, demonstrated highest possible SCCR Ratings and Nominal Discharge Ratings, they carry longer warranty periods and offer better protection to connected equipment. The GDT also eliminates MOV leakage, extending the life of the MOV, eliminating their typical degradation over time. How do they work? The GDT supports the TPMOV allowing the SPD to successfully divert larger spikes power surges more effectively than a TPMOV alone. The TPMOV reacts first, diverting the initial spike safely to Ground. The GDT diverts all energy beyond what the TPMOV max is. 
Our Type 1 surge protection devices are UL 1449 5th edition listed and meet the NEC 2020 230.67 requirements. So far over 25% of the country has adopted the NEC 2020 guidelines stating surge protection MUST be installed on new services, and upgrades. Adoption is underway for at least another 10 states in the next 12 months alone. Be prepared for new guidelines that are being enacted across the country. 

Featured Surge Protection: Vortexx™ Series R Whole Home Surge Protector

The Vortexx Series R is ideal for main panels and transfer switches. Installing surge protection is important because it gives you the opportunity to grow your business while offering your customer protection they can count on. 

Our Vortexx Series R whole home surge protector features 120,000 amp single or three phase protection in a NEMA 4X rated enclosure. It includes an audible alarm and LED light to signal protection. The Series R is Type 1, allowing service entrance installation. It can be installed inside or outside of the electrical panel and has an optional flush mount cover.

Vortexx Series R Whole Home Surge Protector Installation Features

Gas discharge tube (GDT)

Gas discharge tubes eliminate Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) leakage which extends the life of the surge protector and protected equipment

repositionable lid

Allows for upright label orientation and a professional looking installation

exceptional protection

Lifetime warranty on single phase and 25 year warranty on three phase

audible alarm

Allows for installation anywhere, including the line side of the service entrance panel

Full Surge Protector Product Line