Cutting edge, innovative, and next generation are all terms that have been used to described PSP Products’ generator load management systems.

PSP is the industry leader in load management systems. Some of our “Industry Firsts” include magnetic latching relays instead of contactors up to 600A to eliminate hum and chatter, and wireless load management up to 200A.

Featured Load Management: SAK-60

Introducing the all-in-one SAK-60! Our 60 Amp WIRELESS load shedding device is an industry-leading development in load shedding.  You can set it to either lock out the load upon loss of utility, or manage the load on frequency when the generator is running. The SAK comes preset for air cooled systems, but frequency and time delays can all be adjusted to work with liquid cooled generators as well. We offer NEMA 1 & NEMA 3R enclosures if needed. 

Fully Programmable

All settings are digitally adjustable using the built-in LCD display

Unlimited devices

No limit to how many devices can be used in any installation

up to 60 amp continuous

Manage or drop loads up to 60A continuous on any load

WIreless load shedding

Installs anywhere in the electrical system without control wires

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