KTSE-1 Transfer Switch Expander

KTSE-1 Transfer Switch Expander Installation and Troubleshooting


Kohler® RXT Transfer Switch Expander
  • Daisy chain multiple RXT transfer switches
  • Works with Kohler RXT-JFNC models up to 200A
  • Eliminates need for RDT switch as slave switch
  • Comes with components necessary for a successful installation
  • Transfer switch control board harness (P13 connector), plugs into jumper connector provided with KTSE-1 for added safety
  • LED light illuminates upon transfer to generator power
  • Maintenance free, requires no batteries or adjustments
  • RXT control board can be removed from slave transfer switches
  • Small footprint that easily installs in transfer switch enclosure where control board was located
  • One unit required for each slave switch being installed
  • 5 year warranty

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