Din Rail AC Surge Protection

Din Rail AC Surge Protector

AC Din Rail Products Available from 40,000 to 200,000 surge amp capacity. Dry contacts and visual indicators available on all products. Noise filtration assemblies available in all voltages.

Din Rail DC Surge Protection

Din Rail DC Surge Protector

DC Surge Protection From 12 to 350 volts DC These devices are based on high energy varistors (MOV) matched with the DC operating voltage (from 12 to 350 Vdc). The MOV are equipped with internal thermal disconnectors in order to provide safe end of life.

Din Rail In-Line Data Surge Devices

Din Rail In-Line Data Surge Devices

2 and 4 pair Series din rail surge protection for telephone ADSL/SDSLSHDSL, ISDN, Fipway, Fieldbus-H2, 4-20mA, RS232 & RS485, MIC/T2 10BaseTProducts. Available from 6 to 150 DC voltage. 20,000 surge amp capacity. Pop out field replaceable modules.

CCTV & Cable Protection

CCTV & Cable Surge Protector

The P8AX series coaxial surge protectors have been designed to protect antennas, microwaves, broadband applications, two-way radios, cellular, GPS and CATV equipment against lightning surges and electrical transients. A first line of defense for your sensitive equipment. Available in a broad selection of connector types.

Data Line Protectors

Two/Four Pair Data Line Protector

B180/480 series are wall mount DC signal line surge protectors designed to protect your sensitive telephone, data com and instrumentation equipment against harmful lightning surges and electrical transients.

RJ45/RJ45 POE Surge Protector Module

RJ45/RJ45 POE Surge Protector Module

The MJ8/MJ8POE Series is designed to protect sensitive data-monitoring equipment connected to various network protocols from transient over voltages. The transient protection circuit is based on high energy gas discharge tubes (GDT) and a network of fast response silicon avalanche diodes (SAD) to achieve sharp clamping of very large surge events.

Type 1 PV Surge Protectors 1CA DC

Type 1 PV Surge Protectors 1CA DC

Photovoltaic Surge Protectors 500 to 1000 volts DC with 40,000 amps Imax. Type 1 UL 1CA DC SPD with high energy MOV’s, Imax 40 kA modular design with UL 1449 5th edition listing. Available in 500, 600, 800 and 1000 volts DC configurations. Din rail mountable.

Marine Plug Strip

Marine Plug Strip

Commercial grade plug strip. 6 plug, NEMA 515 outlet. Complies with CID # A-A-50622. 15 amp capacity. UL listed.

RJ11 Telecom Surge Protector

MJ6-1T Series Surge Protectors

RJ11 telecom surge protector. For telephone line (PSTN or ADSL). RJ11 connector in/out. Easy installation. Wall mounting. Complies IEC 61643-21 standard.

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