SAK-100MS Setup


100A Electric Vehicle Charger Load Management

When a homeowner wants to add a new EV Charger (or any load up to 100A), to an existing main or sub-panel that is at max capacity, the SAK-100MS-M and SAK-100MSD-M-100 offer the customer a reliable and affordable solution, without having to pay thousands of dollars for a full panel upgrade.

Allows loads up to 100A to be added to any main service panel or sub panel that is at risk of overload, or will become overloaded, when a new load is introduced. The onboard intelligent micro-controller monitors the load on the existing panel and only allows the added load access to the panel when capacity is available. SAK-100MS-M installation requires open breaker space or quad breaker. SAK-100MSD-M-100 comes with one 100A internal disconnect breaker.

  • Can be installed on any main or sub panel up to 400A to add managed loads up to 100A continuous.
  • Adapts to any application using the precision field adjustable set points. These maximize access to the added load and prevent looping.
  • Field adjustable set points include: panel overload amperage, overload inrush cutoff delay, restore amperage threshold, load restore delay time and line-loss compensation adjustment for CTs. Controller LCD displays actual real-time amperage on panel.
  • Controller is self-powered from line voltage. External power supply not required. Can control 120 VAC single pole or 208–240VAC double pole circuits.
  • Prevents overloading and saves costly upgrades to panel and/or electrical infrastructure.
  • Utilizes a magnetic latching relay for long-term reliability, and box-lug in and out terminals for ease of installation.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Comes standard in NEMA 3R enclosure
  • SAK-100MSD-M-100 features a 100A internal disconnect

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