install two wire start

Your client’s Generac® backup generator has reached the end of its lifespan, and while a direct replacement with a new Generac generator might seem like the most cost-effective choice, there are alternative options. Admittedly, the solution is not overly complex. By incorporating a few relays and a couple of timers, you can transform a Generac generator into a two-wire start generator.


Here’s a breakdown of the process: The first timer introduces a delay when the utility is lost (typically 5 to 30 seconds) and closes a set of dry contacts to initiate the generator start. The second timer engages when generator power is detected, providing a delay to allow the generator voltage to stabilize before transferring to generator power (usually 15 to 60 seconds). At the conclusion of the second timer, the relay will short 23 to 0, triggering the transfer switch. The third timer initiates when utility power is restored, typically after two to five minutes. Once timer three times out, the relay opens the connection between 0 and 23, transferring back to utility power. Depending on the generator model, a fourth timer may be required to introduce a delay before shutting off the generator. If the generator in use has an internal cool-down timer, this fourth timer may not be necessary. If you’re interested in a wiring diagram for this setup, feel free to message me, and I’ll provide it.


KGC-1 Transfer Switch ConvertorAlternatively, PSP offers the KGC-1. This device can convert any Generac transfer switch into a universal two-wire start transfer switch. The installation process for this device takes approximately 20 minutes within the Generac transfer switch. With the KGC-1, you gain the flexibility to install any two-wire start generator on an existing Generac transfer switch.