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Low Voltage Wireless Generator Load Drop

NEW Product

The GLD-24 provides a wireless solution to control loads with a Dual Form “C” Dry Contact allowing control of both
Normally Open and Normally Closed devices. The contacts are

RXT Expander for Kohler

Allows you to put multiple RXT switches together on the same Utility Entrance Panel for 400/600/800 and 1000 Amp residential services. Daisy Chain up to five RXT transfer switches at the time and eliminate the need for a RDT switch as slave switc

50 AMP Wireless Generator Load Drop

The GLD-50 provides a wireless solution to automatically disconnect double pole loads up to 50 amps when generator
power is detected anywhere in the electrical system. A connection back to the generator or transfer switch is not

KGC Two Wire Start Converter

Universal Generator-Transfer Switch Converter, converts a 240 V sensing transfer switch to a 2 wire start transfer switch. The interface provides necessary voltage sensing, timing functions and switching circuits required for automatic operation.

CX Series Universal Load Management

The CX Series Load Management panel with latching relays is an universal load shedding system that works with ANY generator or transfer switch in managing 4 circuits from 20 to 100 Amps each and up to 2 HVAC systems using low voltage circuits.

LX Series Load Management

This Ultra Compact Magnetic Latching Relay allows you to connect directly  to any Kohler®, Generac® or Cummins® load shedding module – including the new Generac® low voltage board – to control 4 circuits from 20 to 100 Amps e

100-200 Amps Single Phase Magnetic Latching Relay

Allows to load manage or load drop 100 and 200 Amps individual loads with or without a control board in transfer switch. It is perfect to handle sub-panels, pool panels, 200 Amp panels on opposite sides of the home from the transfer switch.

100-200 Amps Three Phase Magnetic Latching Relay

Allows to load manage or load drop 100 and 200 Amp individual loads with or without a control board in transfer switch. This device allows smaller three phase generators to feed whole buildings by removing non-essential individual loads or panels

Universal Stand Alone Load Shedding Controllers

Stand alone 4 – 8 & 12 channel load shedding controllers. NO or NC dry contacts control low voltage circuits, relays and or contactors for universal application. Single and three phase applications. Monitors generator load with CT input

50 AMP Normally Closed Relays

50 AMP open frame relays in stock and available in 120 and 24 Volts AC and 12 Volt DC Coils. All relays include box connectors. Available as individual relays or with 1/2/3 or 4 relays pre-installed in cans, NEMA 01 or NEMA 3R enclosures

Modular Contactor Panels

Now Compatible with Generac’s (New Low Voltage) control board and (Kohler*) transfer switch.  50 – 65 – 100 Amp 3 pole contactors. Industrial grade 3 pole contactors.  Available in 120 Volt,  24 Volt AC and 12 Volt DC coils.


Provides an interface that adapts load shedding controllers in transfer switch outputs from normally open to normally closed and from normally closed to normally open state.

Wireless Accessories

Wireless Load Shedding Accessories work with our LSC Series latching relays for remote load dropping up to 200 amp. Digitally encoded receivers and transmitters have a range up to 1000 feet line of sight, which allows to drop loads remotely.

Generator Transfer Switch Surge Protector

Type 1 surge protector UL 1449 4th edition  listed for installation on LINE or LOAD side of generator transfer switch. Protects the transfer switch, generator and whole house from transients and damaging surges originating from the utility lines

KGSP-1 Generator Control Wire Surge Protector

This device provides 25,000 surge amps of protection per mode for 120 Volt lines to control board and 12 Volt DC (+) / (-) lines potential neutral to ground transients. The diagnostic LED indicated all modes of surge protection are functioning.

H1-75-04N Single Phase Surge Protector

This device is a 120/240 Volt Single Phase Surge Protector. It features a compact size ideal for any point of use hardwired application. Robust 75,000 surge amps per phase with LED indicator and an optional mounting bracket.